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The Love Month


Christmas is a distant memory and the cold weather results in red noses

But, fear not, for February brings the chance for romance, chocolates and red roses!

Why not embark on a passionate pilgrimage to Chipping Sodbury and The Moda House

Whether with your girl or boyfriend, partner or your extra special spouse!

Dine in the High Street and enjoy a large glass of red and a juicy steak

And just enjoy each other’s company on a soppy and tender break!

Here at The Moda, more chilli marmalade has been prepared and made

Then popped into glass jars and lined up like a gorgeous orange parade!

Several rooms, plus the hallway, have been decorated in the Moda colour of Natural Calico

Which creates a lovely feel and a clean spic and span fresh glow!

So, come on down, and see it all for yourself and have a little jolly

But be sure to bring your coat, gloves, hat and the all important brolly!


27 January 2017 Author: Jo