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By Jo MacArthur 18 Dec, 2017

The festivities are over and it is time to settle back into the daily grind and routine

 As we pack away the baubles, decorations and mistletoe, and embrace 2018!

 The resolutions have been made with everyone vowing to be nothing but strict and firm

 But it remains to be seen whether they are upheld or become long or short term!

 It’s time to focus back on reality during this month of dark nights and grey days

 But we can also get busy planning a break or two, with some special ‘get aways’!

 Come to Chipping Sodbury and explore nearby Bath, Bristol and the picturesque Castle Combe

 And escape from some of the January blues and the general dreariness and gloom!

 At The Moda House all is warm and toasty and ready to welcome everyone for a treat and a little jolly

 But be sure to bring scarves, gloves and a hat, and that all-important brolly!

 Try out the new and revamped Italian and Indian restaurants for a pizza or a spicy vindaloo

 And sample some local ales and home brewed gin at our local pub, The Horseshoe!




By Jo MacArthur 26 Nov, 2017

Dear December – a month where we can all look forward to spending precious time together

 And snuggling down in the warmth to escape the long dark evenings and crisp frosty weather!

 Chipping Sodbury is looking festive with its decorations, trees and blinking and twinkling lights,

 Adding to a wonderful and colourful theme to brighten and create the mood for those dark winter nights!

 Victorian Day takes place with fun and frolics for all the family firmly guaranteed

 With a visit from Father Christmas, magicians and musicians performing and a sumptuous hog roast to feed!

 Snow will fall, choirs will sing, and the streets will be lined with stalls stocked with chestnuts and mince pies,

 Plus all sorts of sparkling seasonal goodies – a feast for your senses and eyes!

 There is the Chipping Sodbury Christmas lunch plus the Vintage and Handmade Fair

 And the amazing Crib Festival and workshops with special scenes to gaze at and share!

 Come and stay at The Moda house and try our new marmalade made to a new more traditional recipe

 And do a spot of local sightseeing as well as indulging in a little spending spree!

 So as nature draws down its shutters on this year and the Christmas phenomenon kicks in

 We wish everyone a happy and healthy time with friends, loved ones and next of kin!



By Jo MacArthur 26 Oct, 2017


It’s that time once again for the fireworks to light up the night sky

 With the silver sparklers whirring round, and the fiery flames reaching up high!

 The darker autumn evenings are starting to feel crisp, clear and cool

 And on the ground the gold, red and brown leaves create a colourful and crunchy whirlpool!

 As usual there is plenty going on in Chipping Sodbury and the local neighbourhood

 From concerts to Fayre’s, and even a 1940’s Sweetheart Ball to recreate the vintage mood!

 On Remembrance Sunday the Sodbury Slog will get underway yet again

 Over a scenic and hilly route with muddy, wet and super challenging terrain!

 At the Moda House a new wireless fire system has been installed and updated

 With wiring and detectors removed that were obsolete and antiquated!

 Once the fireworks have fizzled out the countdown to Christmas will commence

 With heaps of pop up shops appearing just adding to temptation and more expense!

 So come for a visit and jolly to enjoy the Chipping Sodbury and our little hotel

 And be captured by our house and its charms and full under the town’s magic spell!


By Jo MacArthur 25 Sep, 2017


There is a definite nip in the air and the central heating switch is firmly back on

 With the long, lazy hazy days of summer now sadly long gone.

 October is a month of conkers, pumpkins and everything that is Halloween

 From the costumes to the toffee apples and jack ‘o’ lanterns creating the spooky scene!

 Life in Chipping Sodbury is busy and hectic with plenty of action and activities

 With The Sodbury Players performing, and The Amadeus Concert to delight and please!

 Here at The Moda House the re-wiring is finally finished and another new bathroom installed,

 And the heating and hot water systems have been serviced and completely overhauled.

 Why not come for an Autumn visit and enjoy our homemade blackberry jam and marmalade,

 Plus some seasonal spiced stewed homegrown plums – Duncan’s latest crusade!

 But if you need even more encouragement, motivation or another reason.

 Visit Westonbirt Arboretum for its spectacular and stunning vibrant ‘fall’ season!

 So just before the clocks go back, come to Chipping Sodbury for a little get-away

 And stay at The Moda House where a warm welcome will ensure a wonderful and happy stay!



By Jo MacArthur 22 Aug, 2017

Another summer has almost passed and is just about to disappear

 With a slight nip in the air making it feel crisp, cool and clear.

 With harvest time here and the gentle start of falling leaves

 It will be time to pack away the T-shirts and bring out the long sleeves!

 As the schools and colleges return, and the shooting season well underway

 Visit the nearby Lady’s Wood Shooting School with instructions on how to hit the clay!

 The wonderful Dime Notes are performing at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

 And The Sodbury Players are putting on The Edge of Darkness to enthral us all!

 The twice-yearly MOP Fair also takes place with a hint of a bygone age

 When agricultural labourers and their tools were available for all to engage.

 So during this ‘show off’ season come to The Moda House for a break and treat

 At Number 1 High Street which offers the very best in a meet and greet!


By Jo MacArthur 26 Jul, 2017

The Glorious 12th signifies the start of the shooting season for grouse

Aand it is also Duncan’s birthday so there will be a big celebration at The Moda House!

Summer is well and truly underway with the grass just worn to dust

And the BBQ’s busily working overtime before they go bust and succumb to rust!

In Chipping Sodbury we have the amazing Hedgehog and Owl meet and greet

With a chance to see these wonderful creatures both magnificent and sweet!

There is also Tudor music at Acton Court to honour Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn

And why not sample The Horseshoe’s very own Celestine Spa Gin!

Then there’s the ongoing Chipping Sodbury and Cotswold search for the small hare

Plus the nearby Hawkesbury Horticultural annual Show and Fair.

With so much going on a stay at The Moda House is an absolute must

To enjoy all that is wonderful in this glorious month of August!

By Jo MacArthur 26 Jun, 2017

As we hit the height of summer with the anticipation of long hot sunny days

We can look forward to parks and picnics and a chance to loaf and laze!

Wimbledon starts with its famous tradition of Pimm’s, strawberries and cream

And Sir Andy Murray hoping that another wonderful win is not just a ‘pipedream’!

The annual Beer Festival takes place shortly with copious amounts of ales,

And where the heady atmosphere of fun, music, food and frivolity prevails!

The hanging baskets and containers in the High Street create a stunning array,

With the Festival bunting turning the town into a colourful and cheery display!

Here at The Moda House we have been painting hallway walls and doors

In the interest of the never-ending maintenance and upkeep cause!

So do come and stay and tuck into The Full Moda in all its glory,

And see the famous Arabic door and hear all about it with the full story!

By Jo MacArthur 28 May, 2017

It certainly is in Chipping Sodbury with a month packed full of fun and activities

From the amazing Big Lunch to the annual town’s fayre and festivities.

On the 3rd June we can enjoy and celebrate a one day Music Sodfest

To support the local football team with The Christians as the main guest.

Then the Big Lunch present Seaside Sodbury and a balmy beachy theme

With even a pier to complete the picture of sun, sea, sand and ice cream

The Chipping Sodbury Festival also begins with so much to offer from Jazz to a ‘team’ quiz

Plus talks, workshops, Eddie the Eagle and a chance to taste fine wines and the local fizz!

So a visit to Chipping Sodbury is a must to enjoy all this in a very special place

And to see our wonderful High Street which is both just unique and ace! 

By Jo MacArthur 27 Apr, 2017

It is time to welcome in the marvellous month of May

With all the anticipation of colour and a firm good bye to all that is grey!

Get the bbq and chairs out in readiness of the warm spring sun

And hope that this is just the start of good weather that will run and run!

Traditionally May is a time of asparagus, ribbons and poles

Plus summer like pursuits of croquet, cricket and bowls.

Here we are all ready for the world-famous Badminton Horse Trials

As thousands of visitors arrive to walk the course for miles and miles!

The Chipping Sodbury Food Festival also takes place for food lovers to drool

With The Baker Brothers back, and cooking up a storm at the Hobbs House School!

Come and stay at The Moda House and try out our brand-new room No.1

With a sparkling new bathroom all spice and span and freshly done!

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